A-$AV-ON Moving

Serving Calgary & Western Canada

Moving Services:

  • Packing/Unpacking
  • Wardrobes provided at no extra cost for use during your move
  • FURNITURE PROTECTION – Shrink Wrap, furniture pads
  • Clean, reliable, professional movers

Care is taken to protect not only your furniture but the premises that you are moving out of and in to so as to minimize potential damage.


Hiring a professional mover is a safe alternative to personal injury as a result of lifting heavy items


Moving Tips:

  • Clean out storage areas & closets a month or two prior to moving so you can eliminate excess items prior to moving
  • Arrange for somewhere to put your pets during your move …you don’t want them escaping out the door!
  • Make sure there is ample room for the moving truck (5 ton) to park. You don’t want to block any access points or traffic.
  • Be sure to pack an ‘essential’ box or bag with personal items which you require daily such as a change of clothing, medications & toiletries. Also keep important documents such as passport, birth certificate along with jewelry, money, with you in your car in a secure location.
  • Order boxes & packing paper approx. 1 -2 months in advance of your move.


Be sure to ask your estimator for more helpful moving hints on how to save money $$


Packing Tips:

  • Have boxes marked with either a room number or name so they are placed accordingly in your new place.
  • Pack boxes with heavy items on the bottom & lighter items on top. Remember to pack as snug as possible to eliminate movement.
  • When packing dishes, be sure to place wrapped dishes in the box on edge rather than stacking format.
  • Place small items in drawers in plastic bags ie undergarments, jewelry.